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Welcome to Wiki.Audio, peace be with you.

This is a scientific and professional platform for Audio and Acoustics. The aim is to support and facilitate the personal development of individuals and to provide a valid basis for the global community in research and development. Therefore this site will remain freely accessible and independent.
You are cordially invited to become a part of the international team. Please contact us via mail at apply [snail] wiki [period] audio to create an account.

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Here is a first proposal for cooperation principles of

- Content is accessible free of charge and without registration. It is available under a free licence (CC BY 4.0 DE, Attribution 4.0 Germany, Copyleft).
Objective - contributions should reflect the professional and scientific state of the art, go beyond flawed and superficial half-knowledge and thus provide a valid basis for the global community in research and development.
Independent - The common good takes precedence over individual interests and vested interests.
For learners - The aim of the site is to support and promote the personal development and lifelong learning of individuals.
Sitting on the other side is also a human being - Communication is appropriate and respectful. Discussions and other opinions are part of the academic discourse and can be endured.

Please be aware that this site is a prototype under construction. The few contents were taken from to check the technical feasibility and the integration of calculation tools.  

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