Organisation of Wiki.Audio

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Information Structure
Information is organized into distinct topics, ensuring that content is grouped logically in categories such as Fundamentals, Acoustics, Perception, Signal Processing, Recording Technology and Reproduction Technology. Clear guidelines for contributors regarding content creation, editing etiquette, and respectful communication are provided, promoting a collaborative and inclusive environment within the wiki community. A team of experts oversees content submissions, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Internal communication
Our current communication setup involves weekly online meetings and email exchanges. Additionally, we have a Slack channel, although it's not widely utilized (as of 19.12.2022).

External Communication
The strategy for external communication is yet to be determined.

Financial Management
Ralph Kessler is the designated contact person for financial matters.

Funding Sources
  • Stiftung Innovation der Hochschullehre
  • VDT Verband Deutscher Tonmeister
  • h_da Hochschule Darmstadt

Legal Structure
We operate as a loose club.

User Structure

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