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This is a demo page to test the different kind of links.

External links

  1. Plain link:
  2. Custom link text: What is Acoustics
  3. Paste text containing links: Pierce, Allan D. (1989). Acoustics : an introduction to its physical principles and applications (1989 ed.). Woodbury, N.Y.: Acoustical Society of America. ISBN 0-88318-612-8. OCLC 21197318.

Internal links

  1. Select page from tree: Reverberation time
  2. Custom link text: Room modes
  3. Page from a different namespace: WikiAudio Deutsch

Email links

  1. Plain link: me [snail] example [period] org
  2. Custom link text: Contact us -> mailto:me [snail] example [period] org.

Tags (keywords, categories)

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  2. Link to a different keyword: dB,



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